News & Notes

  • All Soul’s Day Service on November 2nd from 7:00 p.m . – 8:30 p.m.

    Each year on Nov. 2nd., St. Aidan’s Episcopal Church offers a special service in memory and remembrance for those we have loved and lost. This year, we will be offering a candlelit service along with an optional walk through our labyrinth. Those wishing to attend will meet in the church Columbarium for a small, but […]
  • Bread and Belonging Campus Ministry

    CU Student Fellowship ~ Tuesdays at 6pm meal + conversation = campus ministry ~ B+B is a partnership of the Episcopal Campus Ministry & Lutheran Campus Ministry at CU
  • Join Us ~ All Are Welcome!

    Worship times are: Sunday Morning Services at 8am and 10am , Sunday Evensong at 6pm, Wednesday 7am Holy Eucharist, and 2nd Wed. 12pm Healing Service

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Parking at St. Aidan’s

We sell weekly parking permits to CU students, employees, and visitors, and we sell football parking permits for CU home games. Contact office@saintaidans.org regarding weekly parking and pattersonpg2@aol.com regarding football parking.